Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ADP Employment Report, US ISM Report

ADP Employment Report

*Total employment: +110,000 

* Small businesses:* + 58,000
* Medium businesses:** + 53,000
* Large businesses:*** - 1,000
* Goods-producing sector: - 4,000
* Service-providing sector: +114,000
* Manufacturing industry: - 8,000

*Small businesses represent payrolls with 1-49 employees
** Medium businesses represent payrolls with 50-499 employees
*** Large businesses represent payrolls with more than 499 employees

Note: All data included in the ADP National Employment Report is based on size of payroll. In some cases, small and medium-size payrolls belong to businesses employing more workers than indicated by the size grouping.


Thots N Observations....

1) Service Sector and the SMEs drives growth.
2) Manufacturing and the Goods Producing Sector continues to be weak.
3) The Jobs add picture could be turning.

US ISM Report

PMI at 50.8%

Thots N Observations....

Good news is that New Orders, Production and Employment  Indices are growing
New Orders Index is at 52.4% in Oct (vs 49.6% in Sept).

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